Helsinki Deaconess Institute Museum

Embark on a journey to the history of Finnish care work, Helsinki and the Deaconess Institute! The labyrinthine rooms in the old red brick building tell tales of the work of the deaconesses, who received a nurse’s training, in helping the suffering. The neatly furnished exhibition rooms depict the sisters’ studies and their later stages of life in the sisters’ home.
The Deaconess Institute hospital was the first in Finland to employ trained medical staff. The items on display include old health care instruments and a patient room. The exhibition also reflects the years of oppression and war, as the institute served as a war hospital as well.
Some of the many fascinating articles in the museum were donated by Aurora Karamzin, the founder of the Deaconess Institute. Many beautiful pieces of handicrafts and glassware are linked with the idea that a comfortable environment helped the staff cope with their hard work.

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Alppikatu 2, 00530 Helsinki
+358 40 485 3545
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Mon-Fri 9-15
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Free entry
Guidance by appointment.
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