Aleksis Kivi Memorial Cottage

The Syvälahti croft in Tuusula is known as the place where writer Aleksis Kivi spent the last ten months of his life. The author’s brother, tailor Albert Stenvall, had rented the cabin for his family a few years earlier. Albert and his wife Karoliina had four children, but they set out to the world at an early age to make a living.
In March 1872, Albert took his brother, who had stayed at the Lapinlahti mental hospital, to live in the cabin, and received five barrels of rye for his troubles. The seriously ill national writer died on the last day of the year at just 38 years of age.
The low door opening provides access to the cabin, which consists of a small master room and a back room. The majority of the master room is taken up by the oven, there are dishes on a wall shelf and a lantern hangs from the ceiling beam.
The touchingly small back room contains an oven, a rocking chair, a pull-out sofa and a wall-mounted book cabinet. Also found in the cabin are Aleksis Kivi’s student’s cap and walking stick. 

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