Tractor Pair
Kuva: Eva Tordera Nuno

Finnish agriculture underwent wholesale changes about a century ago, when one farmer after another gave up horse-drawn tools in favour of tractors, threshers and other new equipment operated by engines, steam and wood-gas generators.

Gårdskulla Agricultural Museum and Kovela Tractor Museum are both focused on tractors. In total, the two museums have over two hundred tractors on display from the 1920s to the 1960s. Visitors who know agricultural machinery will find familiar brands ranging from Valmet to John Deere, but there are also many tractors that are rarely seen. The two museums in this pair also feature other agricultural machines, such as a chainsaw that is nearly a hundred years old and an equally old log splitter, not to mention combine harvesters and stationary engines. The museums also have special days and summer events to allow visitors to see the machines in action and even try driving a tractor!

The tractor pair also has other aspects of rural life in the 1900s on display. The Kovela handicrafts museum features textiles for both daily use and special occasions, while Gårdskulla introduces visitors to an old village shop, laundry routines and a grandmother’s kitchen.

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Gårdskulla Agricultural Museum
Domestic life, work, and above all the technological development of agriculture from a century ago.

Kovela Tractor Museum
Machinery and equipment showcasing the technological development of agriculture, as well as textiles and other artefacts related to the life in the manor.