Fun for some, work for others
Photo: Tanja Ahola

Reading a newspaper, enjoying a night out in a restaurant or watching a sports broadcast, a theatre performance or a film are popular recreational activities for many. On the other side of the spectrum are the makers of entertainment, which is exactly what this museum trip covers!
Marvel at the massive restaurant-kitchen utensils in the Hotel and Restaurant Museum, and the printing machines of the early 20th century in the Päivälehti Museum; listen to sports commentaries and famous hit songs from sports events of the years past in the Sports Museum of Finland and learn about the careers of actors and actresses, stage designers, cameramen and light operators, costume designers and many more at the Museum of Moving Image and at the Theatre Museum.
Along the tour you will have the opportunity to try out your skills in typesetting, or as a sprinter or theatre sound designer. Which role is more appealing – making or viewing?

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Hotel and Restaurant Museum
History of domestic hotels, restaurants, cafés and Alko shops in the form of reconstructed interiors and paraphernalia.

Theatre Museum
The past and the present of the theatre world and its employees provided by an interactive museum.

Päivälehti Museum
History of the Helsingin Sanomat newspaper as well as other Finnish news media from the establishment of Päivälehti in 1889 to present times, as well as temporary exhibitions covering various printed media topics.

The Sports Museum of Finland
Highlights of Finnish sports history and the evolution of the sports culture in the extension wing of the Helsinki Olympic Stadium.

Museum of Moving Image
Early stages of motion picture, film set paraphernalia, and the history of Finnish cinema.