Industry across the spectrum
Photo: Sakari Kiuru

Go on a trip underground and to a 20th century Art Nouveau-style dairy, the working class homes in an ironworks district and the old fire station of a former wool mill!
True to its name, this tour covers the entire spectrum of the history of Finnish industry. The Tytyri Mine Museum showcases the history of the mine industry in Lohja, the Dairy Museum showcases the dairy industry, the Ironworks Museum Senkka, consisting of the Foundry Museum, the Worker’s Museum and the Högfors blast furnace represent the history of the foundry industry, while the Valvilla Wool Mill Museum showcases the wool industry.
The museums showcase industrial work and the working conditions of the production facility workers through fascinating equipment, such as a wool felting machine and a mine shaft elevator, as well as various everyday utensils and historical buildings.  
Come along and peer inside the old dairy laboratory, wonder at a massive quarry, learn about the principles of cast iron processing and visit the old accommodation of the ironworks village!

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Tytyri Mine Museum
History of mine work in Lohja and the lives of the miners showcased in an authentic subterranean environment.

The Dairy Museum
History of the dairy industry and milk processing showcased in an early 20th century Art Nouveau building.

Karkkila-Högfors Workers’ Museum
Domestic ambiance from 1850 to 1960 in the interiors of buildings in their original locations.

The Foundry Museum of Finland
History of the foundry industry and utensils related to foundry work.

Högfors Blast Furnace
History of pig iron manufacturing in the first production facility of the Högfors ironworks perched next to the Karkkila rapids.

The Hyvinkää City Museum (Valvilla Wool Mill Museum)
History of the weaving industry in an old wool factory in Hyvinkää.