Homestead and guitars
Photo: Sakari Kiuru

Jimi Hendrix’s bass guitar and impressive national dresses; Lapinjärvi delivers local history, as well as that of musical instruments!
Kycklings, the 19th century peasant home, Brofogdas, one of Lapinjärvi’s oldest buildings and the former residence of a bridge bailiff, and Wårkulla, constructed in 1890 as a residential building and serving as a chapel as well, provide an extensive view into the typical occupations and home decoration in the area.
Contrasting these locations showcasing the life and paraphernalia of the region is the Lapinjärvi Guitar Mansion which displays a large collection of guitars, as well as numerous other instruments from harmonicas to drum sets!
While Kycklings, Brofogdas and Wårkulla showcase old handicraft professions and tools, the Guitar Mansion showcases old skills as well. Indeed, one of the museum’s exhibitions showcases the 50s-70s guitar manufacturing methods and tools of the Sipoo-based Helena workshop.
The cycling route is approximately 14 kilometres long.

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Lapinjärvi Guitar Manor
Musical instruments from the past decades, from guitars to drums, and the history of Finnish guitar building in a museum built and maintained by persons undergoing non-military service.

Kyckling's House Museum
The ambience of old buildings and a beautiful garden, old cobbler and metal founder’s tools and local national costumes in an adorable house and its courtyard.

Brofogdas - a military residence
Exhibitions depicting the Swedish allotment system and the Second World War in a well-preserved military residence whose oldest sections date back more than two hundred years.

Wårkulla Museum
Domestic and working tools showcasing local agricultural and dairy activities as well as school-related objects, exhibited in a building formerly used as a prayer house.