Collector and Patron pair
Kuva: Sakari Kiuru
3T Ratikkalla on näppärä liikkua retken museoiden välillä.

Welcome to the homes of art lovers! The Kirpilä Art Collection from the late 1970s showcases Finnish art on the top floor of a building in Töölö. The Amos Anderson Art Museum provides a view of the early 20th century businessman’s home, as well as gems from his 250-piece collection, the museum’s basic collection and various temporary exhibitions.
Rheumatologist Juhani Kirpilä began collecting art during his student years in the 1950s. Amos Anderson was a multi-industrial businessman who was active in publishing and politics. While Kirpilä was focused on collecting art, Anderson was an art patron.
Kirpilä bequeathed his home and the 534-piece collection to the Finnish Cultural Foundation. Anderson’s collection was inherited by the Föreningen Konstsamfundet, which he founded in order to support the culture of Swedish-speaking Finns.
The collections include mainly paintings, as well as sculptures and medals. Did you know that one of the homes also houses a chapel?

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Amos Anderson Art Museum
The Amos Anderson Art Museum, located in the former residence and workplace of its founder, showcases domestic and international art with temporary exhibitions highlighting both old and new art.

Kirpilä Art Collection
Rheumatologist Juhani Kirpilä’s cosy private residence showcases paintings and sculptures of famous Finnish artists.