Primary School Pair
Photo: Sakari Kiuru
The Nukari School Museum is situated in the first grammar school building of Nurmijärvi.

What was the learning environment like in the late 19th century, and how were colourful pictures utilised for teaching?
Put yourself in the shoes of a farmer’s child and sit down at your desk in Nukari of Nurmijärvi, and marvel at the stall bars and the harmonium at Massby in Southern Sipoo! The old primary schools take you back over one hundred years to a time predating compulsory education.
This museum pair is suitable for all ages: everyone can try to look for objects in the classrooms reminding them of their own school years. What objects can today’s schoolchildren recognise? Go on a fieldtrip, visit the historical schools and discuss your experiences together!

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Nukari School Museum
Ambiance of early 20th century school life and village school paraphernalia in the first primary school in Nurmijärvi.

Sipoo Schoolmuseum
Old school objects from notebooks to handicrafts exhibited in a real classroom at the former Mårtensby elementary school.