Historical ironworks
Photo: Peter Sjöstrand

Discover the difference between pig iron and bar iron, how a blast furnace operates and what it was like to be an ironworks worker in centuries past!
As one might guess, this tour takes visitors right into the historical factory milieus of the 16th -19th centuries along cosy ironworks streets. Between the visits, tourists are able to enjoy the magnificent natural scenery and the charm of small community roads!
Along the way, you will discover the factory and the Neo-Classical mansions of the Mustio ironworks area, which began industrial operations as far back as 1560, as well as Finland’s youngest ironworks in Åminnefors, which dates back to 1875. Visitors are also introduced to Antskog, which produced iron, refined copper and operated as a broadcloth factory, as well as Billnäs, which made its name in the furniture production industry. In Fiskars, you will have the chance to gain a deeper understanding of the industrial work, as well as the everyday and domestic lives of the ironworks workers from the 17th century all the way to the 21st century.
In the summer, the old ironworks offers visitors various events ranging from art exhibitions to workshops. For additional refreshment, Billnäs, Fiskars and Mustio also offer various cosy restaurants and cafés.
The route is approximately 35 kilometres long.

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Billnäs Ironworks

Åminnefors Ironworks

Fiskars Museum
Interiors and paraphernalia showcasing the work, everyday lives and leisure pursuits of ironworks workers during the 19th and early 20th century.

Antskog Ironworks

Svartå Manor
The late 18th century Neo-Classical building showcasing a Gustavian interior in a beautiful ironworks milieu.