Life in Western Uusimaa
Photo: Eva Tordera Nuño

What was the living environment and architecture like in the 18th and 19th century archipelago? How was everyday life in different social classes in a 19th and 20th century small town?
Enjoy a summer trip to these historical buildings of the Western Uusimaa outdoor museums and find out for yourself! 
The Forgården Folk Museum, the Inkoo Homestead Museum, the Malmgård Museum and the Lohja Museum showcase life and work from the 18th to the 20th century through photographs, textiles, traditional interior decoration and various local artefacts. A peek inside the traditional granaries, houses, sheds and other charming buildings introduces visitors to the professions of the smiths, fishermen and priests, as well as the lives of crofters or milkmaids.
Marvel at the Forngården lavatory, Malmgård ward and the handicraft event of the Inkoo Martha organisation, and be sure to visit the lush garden of the Lohja Museum!

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Forngården Folk Museum
Typical island manor and interiors from the mid-19th century.

Ingå Homestead Museum, Gammelgården
Buildings from Inkoo providing a comprehensive representation of traditional construction.

Malmtorp Farm Museum
Domestic and working conditions in the countryside, as well as various interiors from the late 19th century to early 20th century.

Lohja Museum
Life of various social classes of Lohja and various domestic interiors in the green environment of the Iso-Pappila area from early 20th century up to the 1970s.